IPOs, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate & Financial Restructuring.



Financial & Corporate Restructuring

Our specialists will help you restructure your business to maximize your business scope and increase your shareholder value. WBC will consult you on:
1. Reverse split, post reverse split market support
2. New share issuance and impact on the fair value of the common stock
3. Adding an option chain to the already existing non leveraged means of fundraisings
4. Debt Swaps
5. Debt for Equity Swaps
6. Debt for Debt Swaps
7. Offshore Banking
8. Risk and Growth Management

Investor Relations & Marketing

The following services suit best already existing Public Companies that are seeking an increased exposure on the US Financial Markets.
1. The writing and distribution of press releases to over 100,000 consumer products investors.
2. Articles about the company published in our weekly newsletter.
3. Calls to 100 brokers on each news release. These brokers can buy small-cap securities in particular.
4. Meetings with small-cap brokerage firms and brokers to develop support for the company’s stock and research coverage (minimum ten during the engagement period).
5. Investor line to handle call volume.
6. Strategic advice and other customary IR services.
7. Meetings with small-cap institutional investors.
8. Market surveillance.
9. Analyst coverage (for emerging growth companies with good fundamentals that remain fairly unknown to the investment community and are under-followed by Wall Street analysts).


Reverse Mergers & Acquisitions

The following services are designed for private companies seeking listing on the US Financial Markets:
1. Locating a Public Shell Corporation. (WBC performs a rigorous due diligence before recommending the shell corporation to its clients).
2. Assisting in the reverse merger of the private company into the Public Company.
3. Recommending application and assisting with a listing on a major exchange based on the fundamentals of the company.
4. Advising and assisting client companies in structuring Non Leveraged and Leveraged Fundraisings.
5. Advising the clients to determine whether strategic alliances, including business combinations, are more appropriate for the needs of its clients over public or private offerings


Wolf Blitz Corporation will act as a liaison for your company, coordinating all aspects of a road show including the scheduling of one-on-one meetings with portfolio managers and analysts. Our institutional database allows us to connect the company’s management to hundreds of micro-cap and small-cap fund managers and analysts that are able to take significant positions in small companies. We will arrange conference calls and follow-up to discuss company progress and updates.
Our goal is to bring to the table loyal institutional investors whose investment principles are based on a deep understanding of the company’s business, its competitive position and long-term prospects.
Institutional shareholders can increase the company’s value during the bull markets and provide necessary stability in bear markets.
WBC can help companies raise money through:

  • Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) – WBC will provide all necessary resources for successful fundraising through an IPO. WBC can advise as to the hiring of the Law Firm, Accountants, Transfer Agents, EDGARISING specialists, the Underwriting Brokerage Firm and negotiate the best and most effective cost ways to fundraise.
  • Secondary Offerings
  • Private Placements – These represent very attractive alternative to raising non-leveraged funds in the public markets since they can be completed in less time, for less money and often with greater predictability.
  • Convertible Debentures, Bond Collateral, Bond financing for leveraged buyouts, low and zero coupon bonds, variable rate bonds

Human Resources Management

Our specialists will consult your company on HR processes and their optimization. In a rapidly transforming organization human capital becomes more valuable. We will help you recruit, select, retain, and keep satisfied in the job the most talented and value-added employees by providing you with the following HR services:

• HR Business model
• HR Organizational Design
• Optimizing recruitment, selection, and retention of valued employees
• Performance evaluations
• HR Coaching
• Managing organizational change

Professional Translation Services

In a global economy language proficiency is crucial. Our extensive pool of professional translators will help you meet your linguistic needs by providing translation services from/into the following languages:

We can also guarantee the lowest price per translated page you can find on the market!


Foreign Trade

• Assisting companies to incorporate their ideas, products, and services into the international markets
• Anticipating possible threats of global competition and ways of overcoming them
• Consulting on strategic global alternatives.
Our staff will help you manage international risk buy choosing the most secure and effective forms of receiving or sending payments and consulting as to hedging the currency and transactional risks.