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Mergers & Acquisitions


A reverse merger (also known as a reverse takeover or reverse IPO) is a way for private companies to go public, typically through a simpler, shorter, and less expensive process. A conventional initial public offering (IPO) is more complicated and expensive, as private companies hire an investment bank to underwrite and issue shares of the soon-to-be public company. Aside from filing the regulatory paperwork – and helping authorities review the deal – the bank also helps to establish interest in the stock and provide advice on appropriate initial pricing. The traditional IPO necessarily combines the go-public process with the capital raising function. We will go over how a reverse merger separates these two functions, making it an attractive strategic option for managers and investors of private companies.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The following services are designed for private companies seeking listing on the US Financial Markets:
1. Locating a Public Shell Corporation. (WBC performs a rigorous due diligence before recommending the shell corporation to its clients).
2. Assisting in the reverse merger of the private company into the Public Company.
3. Recommending application and assisting with a listing on a major exchange based on the fundamentals of the company.
4. Advising and assisting client companies in structuring Non Leveraged and Leveraged Fundraisings.
5. Advising the clients to determine whether strategic alliances, including business combinations, are more appropriate for the needs of its clients over public or private offerings