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Investor Relations


Investor Relations & Marketing

The following services suit best already existing Public Companies that are seeking an increased exposure on the US Financial Markets.
1. The writing and distribution of press releases to over 100,000 consumer products investors.
2. Articles about the company published in our weekly newsletter.
3. Calls to 100 brokers on each news release. These brokers can buy small-cap securities in particular.
4. Meetings with small-cap brokerage firms and brokers to develop support for the company’s stock and research coverage (minimum ten during the engagement period).
5. Investor line to handle call volume.
6. Strategic advice and other customary IR services.
7. Meetings with small-cap institutional investors.
8. Market surveillance.
9. Analyst coverage (for emerging growth companies with good fundamentals that remain fairly unknown to the investment community and are under-followed by Wall Street analysts).